exercise & therapeutic equipment - tape & supplies

OCM TapeOCM Athletic Tape 1.5" x 45'

This non-elastic low adhesive cotton tape conforms and provides firm support to ankles, wrists and hands. The zigzag edge makes it easy to tear. No latex. Each roll is 1.5" w. x 45' l. Compares to Johnson Coach Tape.


PreWrapPreWrap (underwrap) 2.75" x 30 yard

This thin layer of foam helps prevent skin irritation and blistering when applied prior to taping. 2.75'' x 90'.


Cold SprayCold Spray

Fast, temporary coolant for the skin surface. 12 oz spray.


Cramer Tuf SkinCramer Tuf-Skin, 8oz Drying Adhesive

A light, quick-drying adherent to help secure tape, underwrap and elastic wraps, reducing blister-causing friction. Colorless.

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