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DonJoy Sacro Lumbar Support Straps

Sacro-Lumbar Support/Compression Straps

Low profile 9" elastic support with double side pull compression straps. Neoprene posterior panel accommodates comfort form moldable insert. No stays. Ideal for providing support and compression for strains, and sprains of the low back and abdominal area.


DonJoy 10" Criss-Cross Support

10" Criss-Cross Support

Universal style criss-cross elastic support with two plastic posterior stays. Ideal for providing support and compression for strains, sprains of the lo back and abdominal area.


DonJoy Maternity Belt

Maternity Belt

8" plush belt helps relieve discomfort of lower abdomen and back during all stages of pregnancy. Abdominal strap supports stomach while elastic back provides compression and support for lumbar area.


DonJoy Chairback LSO

LSO with Chairback (8")

Ideal for low back pain, strains, or sprains, lumbar disk displacement, Osteoporosis, disk herniation and degeneration, post-operative laminectomy. Post-operative discectomy, IDET procedure, spondylolisthesis, post-operative fusion, and spinal stenosis.

  • Rigid anterior panel & posterior panels are constructed of heat gun moldable poly-blend plastic customizable to the patient for fluctuations in weight or distension
  • Easy to use compression technology with simple hook loop closures
  • Maximum comfort for patient compliance with the light weight and low profile construction
  • Lordotic foam inserts available in varying degrees for comfort and increased lordosis
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