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Ossur Miami J Cervical Collar

Miami J Cervical Collar

Demonstrated by multiple studies to be the superior immobilizer on the market, the patented Miami J® Collar features a phenotype-driven sizing system that simplifies size selection, with 6 unique front and back components that are engineered to work optimally together for various anatomies.


Ossur Philadelphia Trach Collar

Philadelphia Tracheotomy Collar

With a large trachea opening, the Philadelphia Tracheotomy Collar not only offers excellent immobilization and comfort, but enables healthcare professionals to quickly perform carotid pulse monitoring and emergency tracheotomies.


Ossur Foam Cervical Collar

Foam Cervical Collar

For proprioceptive benefit and mild immobilization, the Foam Cervical Collar is an economical, highly comfortable and easy-to-apply solution for the treatment of a variety of cervical injuries.


Ossur Patriot Extrication Collar

Patriot Extrication Collar

The Patriot Collar is a one-piece extrication collar that features a patented chin support and quick multi-height adjustability for a one-size-fits-all design that accommodates most adults (4 positions) and children (3 positions). It provides an excellent option when the added support of the NecLoc® isn't required.

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