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Breg Fusion OA OTS

Freestyle OA

Common Examples of Use:

  • Mild to moderate unicompartmental osteoarthritis
  • Meniscus procedures/repairs
  • Osteochondral defect
  • Articular cartilage defect/repair

Product Features:

  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Low profile to provide patient comfort
  • Compression provides warmth and decreases swelling
  • Innovative thumbwheel dial makes precision off-loading adjustments easy – no tools required


Breg Fusion OA OTS

Fusion OA OTS

Breg's Fusion provides optimal protection for the ACL, PCL and collateral ligaments. Ideal for normal daily activities as well as athletic endeavours, this brace is designed using ProForm technology, which creates a comfortable, precise fit that won't compromise mobility. Zytel is utilised which is a strong yet flexible polymer that allows fusion to conform to the shape of the leg, resulting in precise, contoured fit. This allows the brace to engage sooner, to resist abnormal knee displacement, and reduce injury causing elongation of the ligaments. The ProForm technology also enables the brace to accommodate the changing axis of the knee, keeping Fusion solidly in place to defend the knee. Fusion also features Breg's standard polycentric hinge design, internally mounted cushioned straps, and providing strap tabs.


Breg SolusSolus

For selected patients with radial compartment OA, our Solus brace brings the patented thumbwheel hinge and all of the benefits of our proven Fusion OA design. Pain relief, suspension, comfort, with a more streamlined, single hinge frame.

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