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TruLife Semi Solid AFOSemi Solid AFO

  • 3/16" Polypropylene
  • Easily modified with heat gun and scissors
  • Full foot length footplate
  • Hook and loop closure facilitates donning and doffing


TruLife Rigid AFORigid AFO

  • Fabricated from 5 mm
  • 0.2 in polypropylene
  • Full-calf height
  • Easily modified with heat gun and scissors
  • Available with a full foot length or metatarsal head foot plate

Indications: Mild to moderate drop foot, MS, CP


TruLife Posterior LeafPosterior Leaf Spring

Full foot or 3/4 foot length orthosis indicated for the relief of drop foot. Heat moldable and easily trimmed with scissors. Full Medical grade polypropylene provides spring needed to lift drop foot. The orthosis is fabricated in a predorsiflexed position to provide superior dorsiflexion assist. Long strut acts as lever arm to increase foot lift and the footplate extends to head of metatarsals. Leaf Spring AFO can be easily modified with heat gun and scissors. ll-calf height. Made of 3/16" polypropylene.

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