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Fusion OA

Breg Fusion OA

With its sleek, lightweight design, Fusion OA provides optimal medial or lateral off-loading for unicompartmental osteoarthritis. The brace features Bregs exclusive adjustable hinge technology, which provides an effective valgus load to the knee. The hinge utilizes a telescoping condyle with our exclusive, user-friendly thumbwheel dial design that allows patients to easily adjust the level of pain relief without using a tool. The fusion OA hinge also incorporates an offset gauge that clearly displays the amount of load applied in half-millimeter increments. Additionally, since FUSION OA features BREG'S ProForm technology, it contours to the leg providing unhindered mobility, enhanced comfort, and superior ligament protection making it ideal for a variety of uses.


Breg SolusSolus

For selected patients with radial compartment OA, our Solus brace brings the patented thumbwheel hinge and all of the benefits of our proven Fusion OA design. Pain relief, suspension, comfort, with a more streamlined, single hinge frame.

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