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Breg Fusion OA

Breg's Fusion provides optimal protection for the ACL, PCL and collateral ligaments. Ideal for normal daily activities as well as athletic endeavours, this brace is designed using ProForm technology which creates a comfortable, precise fit that won't compromise mobility.

Frame Design
Sleek contoured design created specifically for woman. Exceptionally lightweight material delivers enhanced strength and allows unhindered mobility.

Cushioned Straps
Easily adjustable straps ensure a proper fit. Durable, comfortable and compliments the braces sleek, low profile.

ProForm Technology
Medial Side structure conforms to the leg's shape to provide a contoured fit and protection.

Soft, Contoured Frame Pads
Contoured Frame padding conforms to the leg, providing increased comfort.

Pivot Point Strap Tabs
Pivoting strap tabs are constructed with Zytel for adding strength and durability. This also allows the straps to contour to the leg for superior comfort during motion.

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