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Arizona AFO

Constructed for soft leather over a plastic frame, the Arizona AFO is available in four colors; sand, black, brown and white, and easily fits into a comfort shoe. It's ultra-lightweight and offered in several custom made styles. The Arizona AFO is recommended for treating the following conditions:

  • Tendonitis of the ankle/heel
  • Severe pain in the ankle/heel
  • Collapse of the ankle/foot
  • Midfoot (arch) pain
  • Ankle arthritis


AFO Articulated Custom Hinged

Ossur Oasys Carticare OTS

Articulated Arizona AFO provides all the support you expect from an Arizona AFO while allowing plantar and dorsi-flexion for a more comfortable wearing experience. A posterior stop is available for extra control. Like our original Arizona AFO, the new articulated design is offered in our four colors, sand, brown, black, and white, as well as three styles, the standard, the tall and the extended (extends 2 inches below the fibular head)

  • Mild PTTD
  • Mild to Moderate DJD
  • Talocalcaneal Varus or Valgus
  • Ankle Instability
  • Mild to Moderate Pronation
  • Mild to Moderate Supination
  • Paralytic Equinus (drop foot)
  • Trauma
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