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Mediven EleganceOffering a fashion hosiery look and quality at a value-oriented price, the Mediven Elegance Thigh High Sheer Stocking W/ Lace Silicone Top Band 20-30 & 30-40 mmHg (Open Toe) is an innovative sheer compression stocking that is not only effective, but also comfortable to wear and looks great. The lace silicone top band holds the stockings in place without garters or glue. With the help of new techniques such as an air-permeable knit and the latest hybrid microfiber, these therapeutic stockings can provide precise medical graduated compression, effectiveness, resiliency and comfort. Made from hypoallergenic materials, Medi's Elegance Rx Stockings is a lightweight and breathable stocking that keeps the wearer cool and dry, all day long. For a long lasting stocking, the sole is reinforced with a discreet fitted heel and toe to complement this popular style.

Made from an innovative spandex yard, MediSilk's exceptional uniformity, round profile and tensile strength makes it an ideal choice for Mediven's technically advanced computer-knit compression products. The secret of the fabric lies in its outstanding natural elasticity which maintains the original compression and offers a softer silhouette. Mediven Elegance's soft and elastic knit makes these stockings easy to apply and with reasonable care, these stockings will last for at least 6 months without losing their medical compression values.

This compression stocking is recommended for conditions such as leg/ankle pain and discomfort, leg/ankle swelling (edema), chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), post sclerotherapy, postphlebitic syndrome, severe varicosities, stasis dermatitis, venous ulcers, for improving comfort during long distance travel, and for people who are standing and sitting for long hours. These stockings help promote better blood flow and circulation and relieve aching legs due to reduced circulation and long periods of standing and sitting. In addition to reducing leg pain and discomfort, this graduated compression stocking garment also helps reduce leg swelling (edema) by lessening the build-up of fluids in the leg. The thigh-high stocking supports and compresses veins, which helps get your blood moving up the legs and back to the heart for better blood circulation. Further, these stockings are medically effective as a compression therapy for post-sclerotherapy therapy to help prevent the reappearance of spider veins and varicose veins.

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